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About Us

About Us


ADD:Chinese Jinzhou City,
Liaoning Province Economic and
Technological Development
ZoneNo. 9 Tianshan Road
About Us

East International Container Co., Ltd. (Jinzhou) is by the China Shipping (Group) Company in 2005 to invest in the construction, is a professional engaged in international standard containers and a variety of special purpose container design, manufacturing and after-sales service, run housing box design, manufacturing environment-friendly dustbin, tray, non pressure tanks, tank parts, sheet metal pretreatment and steel structure parts processing and sales of Sino foreign joint ventures.

The company started construction in October 18, 2005, completed in July 8, 2006 September 1, 2006 formally put into trial production. Factory covers an area of 29 million square meters, yard area of 120000 square meters, with a total construction area of 62000 square meters, with a total investment of a total of 4995 million, the company has a leading international level modern container production line, designed annual production capacity of 10 million TEU is a full of vigor and vitality of the modern enterprise.

The company is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning province China economic and Technological Development Zone 9 days Hill Road, located in the Bohai Economic Zone center. Adjacent to Beijing Shenyang Railway, Beijing Shenyang Expressway is connected with the network, Jin even etc.. Adjacent to Dalian Port, Yingkou port, Qinhuangdao Xingang, only 5 kilometers away from Jinzhou, a very advantageous geographic location, is currently the largest container manufacturing enterprises in Northeast china.

Chinese shipping companies rely on the advantages of the route, take the customer as the center, with good product quality and customer service service, provide perfect service for domestic and foreign shipping companies and other related customers. Customers include the world famous shipping companies, leasing companies, products all over the world.

Through continuous technological improvements and innovation, the company on the basis of producing international standard container, R & D and declared the national patents, currently has and the form of the open boxes series, bulk box series, ore box series, super size container series, mini - box tied columns, side door box series, housing box series, environmental protection box series, the transport frame series varieties integrated product design and production capacity.